Playing at Tiffany Tavern
Tiffany Tavern welcomes musicians to perform. We have two booking categories - Open Mike and Live Bluegrass.

Open Mike
Tiffany Tavern Open Mike is every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Musician sign up begins at 7:45pm, in person only. The open mike host will kick off the evening and perform from 8:30pm until 9:15pm. Musicians who have signed up be able able to perform (in order of sign-up) beginning at 9:20pm.

All times are approximate.

Musicians will generally perform 3-4 songs, depending on how many musicians are playing that night. On slower nights, musicians may have the opportunity to play a longer set or perform more than once.

Live, acoustic music only. No recorded music or samples; no recitations; no comedy.

Live Bluegrass - Friday and Saturday
Tiffany Tavern's bluegrass weekends are performed by pre-booked bands. We have one band per night (i.e. no opening acts). For bands that wish to be booked at Tiffany Tavern for a weekend performance, you must:
  • Play bluegrass music
  • Be comprised of 4 or more bluegrass musicians
  • Be experienced and have experience in the operation of PA equipment.
New bands to Tiffany Tavern should usually come perform an audition during the Open Mike (Monday-Thursday), prior to being booked for a weekend performance. Unfortunately, we cannot come see you at another venue, and we cannot judge your live capabilities from recordings or YouTube videos.

If you have any questions about performing at Tiffany Tavern, please call us Monday-Thursday after 3:30pm at 703-836-8844. Please do not email questions about performing.